We’ll assess your business to help you make the most of using the internet to sell your products or services, communicate and network.


A personal and unique approach of our team allows us to adapt to the individual requirements of each project and customer. 


Communicate with your potential customers in their own language. Convert your communications into actions, visits, brand image and even results. 


Our web development services integrate multiple disciplines into your website to ensure its commercial success.

We are an online advertising agency primarily focused on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs),
although we work with larger companies too. 

Our extensive knowledge of the online marketing landscape enables us to use this as is the pivotal point around which we focus/deliver design, web development, online communication and online advertising to create effective solutions. 

With the help of our specialists and highly experienced team, we solve any of your internet-related needs through one convenient platform. Ultimately, we specialize in the profitability of your business.

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We offer the most flexible and innovative review generation methods, allowing you to reach all of your clients, whether online or offline to request their feedback. eKomi is the leading third-party review service for businesses, specializing in the collection, management and publishing of seller and product ratings.


eKomi has integration methods which cater to every type of business, which deliver ease of use for consumers

and maximize review volume.


Manage your online reputation with our dedicated Customer Feedback Management team to ensure the integrity of the reviews you receive.


Customer Reviews are automatically published on eKomi Certificate Page and can be easily displayed on your site via our Widgets.


Every Customer and Product Review you collect automatically appear on the major search engines; Google, Bing and Yahoo.


Our interactive Dashboards enable you to analyze collected reviews and get better understanding of your business performance.

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our customers can benefit from an exclusive offer.

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Collect more and better reviews than any other service, resulting in greater value and ROI.

Decrease Pay-Per-Click costs for Google AdWords campaigns.

Increase trust for potential clients by displaying independently-certified third party reviews.

Maximize shopping cart value and reduce returns.

Provide review analysis tools to pin-point and incoorporate actionable business insights.

Increase CTR by 17% through stars on Ads to convert more browsers into buyers.


Continuously generate SEO-relevant content

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Combine these methods according to your business model in order to achieve the highest response rate.

Allow your clients to give their feedback about your business or products from wherever they are, directly on their smartphone.


Boost your response rate by up to 40% by integrating our review form directly within your website checkout process.


You cannot go wrong with our classic email review request, by which clients can review both your service and any purchased products.


Collect feedback directly at your point of sale or on-the-go. In just 30 seconds your offline clients can rate and review your service.


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